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Get your PMI-ACP Certification with this PMI Accredited PMBOK 6th Edition exam prep course. Updated for 2021 PMI-ACP.

Last updated 2022-01-10 | 4.7

- How to pass the PMI-ACP Exam on the first try

What you'll learn

How to pass the PMI-ACP Exam on the first try

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Passing the PMI-ACP certification exam will demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in agile practices. This course will cover all the topics needed to pass your PMI-ACP exam on the first try. Topics such as the agile mindset, agile processes, and tools.

This course is taught by Agile Instructor and PMP author Andrew Ramdayal. Andrew has over 60 certifications and has authored a few bestselling project management books. Andrew has taught thousands of students around the world both in the classroom and online.

This course will include the following:

  • 21 PMI Approved Contacts hours/PDU Certificate needed to take your PMI-ACP exam.

  • Update to match PMBOK Guide 6th Edition

  • 9+ Hours of expert instruction from a certified PMI-ACP Instructor and one of Amazon's bestselling project management authors.

  • 120+ Videos

  • Full-length mock exam

  • Nearly 200 practice questions

  • Course Slides with summaries

  • If you are a current PMP, this course will get you 21 PDU's to help renew your PMP (Don't forget you need 60 PDU's to renew).

This course will not only help you pass your exam but also learn how to apply the concepts in real-world project management. This way you are ready for the exam and your job.

Every year we help thousands to pass their certification exams and we can help you also.

Who this course is for:

  • All students wishing to pass their PMI-ACP exam on the first try.

Course content

9 sections • 137 lectures

Course Materials to Download Preview 00:05

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About Me Preview 01:47

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Eligibility Requirements Preview 04:00

Exam Content Outline Preview 03:24

PMI Audit Preview 02:57

Tips for Success Preview 10:08

What is agile Preview 02:03

Agile vs. Traditional PM Preview 08:31

Agile Benefits Preview 04:15

Inverting the triangle Preview 04:03

Agile Manifesto Preview 02:39

Agile Manifesto Values Preview 03:13

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Preview 02:24

Working software over comprehensive documentation Preview 01:48

Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Preview 02:10

Responding to change over following a plan Preview 02:37

Agile Guiding Principles Preview 08:24

Agile Methods Preview 03:15

Agile Process Preview 20:48

Scrum Preview 06:03

Scrum Activities Preview 06:48

Scrum Artifacts Preview 04:08

Extreme Programming Preview 03:27

XP Roles Preview 01:38

XP Practices Preview 12:00

Basic Terminology review Preview 02:06

Lean Development Preview 09:00

Kanban Development Preview 10:11

Other agile methods Preview 01:28

Agile declaration of Interdependence Preview 03:42

Agile mindset Preview 02:33

Leading Effectively Preview 13:30


Value-Driven Delivery Preview 02:25

Early Value Delivery Preview 03:49

Reduce Waste Preview 02:49

Assessing Value - Financial metrics Preview 04:23

Accounting on agile projects Preview 03:35

Key Performance Indicators Preview 02:14

Regulatory Compliance Preview 02:31

Risk Management Preview 07:02

How Customers Conduct Value Prioritization Preview 02:42

Different Prioritization Techniques Preview 05:20

Kano Analysis Preview 02:33

Delivering Value Incrementally Preview 02:46

Minimal Viable Product Preview 01:44

Tools for Agile Projects Preview 07:41

Limit WIP Preview 02:26

Cumulative Flow Diagrams Preview 04:41

Agile Contracting Preview 04:43

Verifying and Validating Preview 03:40


Stakeholder Stewardship Preview 01:57

Educating People about agile Preview 04:18

Engaging Stakeholders Preview 02:38

Methods of Stakeholder Engagement Preview 02:52

Agile Chartering Preview 03:08

Definition of Done Preview 02:53

Set a shared vision Preview 02:01

Agile Modeling Preview 04:25

Personas Preview 03:30

Communicating with stakeholders Preview 09:02

Green Zone and Red Zone Preview 04:30

How to conduct a workshop Preview 03:40

Brainstorming Preview 03:15

Collaboration Games Preview 05:47

Using Critical Soft Skills Preview 03:01

Emotional Intelligence Preview 04:17

Negotiation Preview 03:08

Active Listening Preview 05:46

Facilitation Preview 01:48

Conflict Resolution Preview 03:04

Participatory Decision Models Preview 02:23


People Over Processes Preview 03:15

Development Team roles Preview 04:17

Building Agile teams Preview 05:25

Safe place Preview 03:55

Models of team development Preview 02:03

Tuckman Five stages of team development Preview 05:04

Training, coaching, and mentoring Preview 02:11

Team Spaces Preview 12:25

Burn and Velocity charts Preview 08:07


What is adaptive planning Preview 02:52

Agile Plans Preview 04:47

Progressive Elaboration Preview 03:14

Value Decomposition and Design the Product Box Preview 03:51

Coarse Requirements Preview 02:39

Timeboxing Preview 03:13

Estimation Preview 02:36

Ideal Time Preview 02:10

User Stories Preview 07:36

User Story Backlog Preview 03:11

Assigning points to the stories using Fibonacci Sequence Preview 04:59

Story Points and T-Shirt Sizing Preview 03:46

Wideband Delphi Preview 03:18

Using Planning Poker to assign story points Preview 04:22

Story Maps and Product Roadmaps Preview 02:08

Iterations and Spikes Preview 03:43

Iteration and Release Planning Preview 03:37


Understand how problems happens Preview 04:22

Technical Debt Preview 01:38

Success and Failure Modes Preview 07:03

Lead time and Cycle time Preview 04:43

Defects Preview 01:55

Variances and Control Limits Preview 04:04

Risk Management Preview 05:02

Fixing Problems Preview 04:54


Kaizen Preview 05:10

Customize Processes Preview 04:04

Value Stream Maps Preview 05:17

Project Pre-Mortems Preview 02:16

Retrospective Intro Preview 02:24

Set the stage Preview 02:37

Gather Data Preview 02:53

Generate insights Preview 02:51

Decide what to to do Preview 02:28

Close the retrospective Preview 01:41

Team self-assessment Preview 02:51

PMI Code of Ethics Preview 01:41


Exam Review Topics Preview 02:27

Domain 1: Agile Principles and Mindset Task Review Preview 07:19

Domain 2: Value-Driven Delivery Task Review Preview 09:59

Domain 3: Stakeholders Engagement Task Review Preview 06:56

Domain 4: Team Performance Task Review Preview 07:28

Domain 5: Adaptive Planning Task Review Preview 07:08

Domain 6: Problem Detection and Resolution Task Review Preview 03:29

Domain 7: Continuous Improvement Task Review Preview 04:50

Tips for answering exam questions Preview 07:24

Mock Exam Instructions Preview 03:38

Mock Exam

Course End and Certificate Preview 03:42

Bonus Lecture Preview 00:37