Git With Bitbucket And Sourcetree

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Git up to speed quickly with crucial technologies that will enhance your everyday workflow.

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- Integrate Git in their daily projects.
- Work for any solid or start up company and feel comfortable using Git commands on the companies project(s).
- Execute basic commands in the command line (Terminal for Mac Users
- and Git Bash for Windows Users).

What you'll learn

Integrate Git in their daily projects.
Work for any solid or start up company and feel comfortable using Git commands on the companies project(s).
Execute basic commands in the command line (Terminal for Mac Users
and Git Bash for Windows Users).

* Requirements

* We will be downloading Git and Sourcetree.
* You do not have to do any downloads before this course starts
* because we will take care of everything.


Become apart of the Git train, it's mandatory if you want to work with any stable company, or even a start up company!


  • This course is not meant to be looked at as comprehensive on the topics of Git, Bitbucket, and Sourcetree.
  • This course is meant to be treated as an introduction to the topics of Git, Bitbucket, and Sourcetree. Once you complete the course, you will be able to dive deeper into the topics introduced.

Let me tell you a little bit about the course:

  • We start off the course by defining Version Control and Git.
  • We then go over the Git Glossary, which are the practical terms used for Git.

After we know the basics of git, we are going to practice it in the command line:

  • We will first install Git.
  • We will go over the basics of the command line like navigating through directories, etc.
  • Then we will practice git, and go through the process of executing git commands, anything and everything from staging, committing, viewing the history of commits, etc.

Once we feel comfortable with executing Git commands, we are going to be introduced to Sourcetree:

  • We will install Sourcetree.
  • We will mimic our example from the command line and do it in Sourcetree.
  • Once we have done things locally, we will move to Bitbucket.
  • We will learn everything from cloning a repository, all the way to pushing up local commits.

After all is finished there will be a challenge that I encourage you to attempt on your own. After your attempt, there is a solution video that will walk you through the challenge.

Git is mandatory if you want to be a developer, so it's not a matter of if you should learn it, it's a matter of when you should, and you should now!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone who has an interest in Version Control.
  • This course is meant for anyone who is in the software industry. Version Control is that important.
  • This course is also for designers. Losing a design could be just as detrimental as losing some source code.

Course content

5 sections • 61 lectures

Course Overview Preview 02:44

What is Version Control? Preview 01:29

Why is Version Control Important? Preview 01:40

What is Git? Preview 01:40

Your Git Glossary Preview 03:55

Introduction to Version Control and Git - Quiz

Introduction to Version Control and Git - Challenge Preview 00:13

Installing Git (macOS) Preview 02:35

Installing Git (Windows) Preview 02:24

Note About Git Bash (Windows) Preview 01:46

Introducing Yourself to Git Preview 04:36

The Command Line Preview 09:01

Creating a Git Repository Preview 03:08

Adding Files Preview 01:10

Git Status Preview 03:24

Tracking Files Preview 03:12

Committing Files Preview 03:29

Viewing History Preview 01:01

Introduction to Branching Preview 05:42

Diving Deeper: Staging and Tracking Preview 01:50

Viewing File Differences Preview 01:28

Ignoring Files Preview 04:35

Committing Our Work Preview 02:18

Merging Preview 02:32

Adding a Tag Preview 02:22

Getting Started with Git - Quiz

Getting Started with Git - Challenge Preview 00:19

What is a Remote Repository? Preview 01:37

Creating a Remote Repository Preview 03:12

The Bitbucket Interface Preview 02:55

Cloning: HTTPS vs. SSH Preview 01:34

Cloning HelloBitbucket Preview 02:20

Creating and Committing Files Preview 02:37

Pushing Changes Preview 01:46

Pulling Changes Preview 02:42

Setting up an SSH Key Preview 04:07

SSH and Bitbucket

Bitbucket - Challenge Preview 00:14

What is Sourcetree? Preview 01:03

Installing Sourcetree Preview 03:05

The Sourcetree Interface: Bookmarks window Preview 01:37

The Sourcetree Interface: Toolbar, Sidebar, and More Preview 03:36

Searching For Commits Preview 01:16

Git Branching Model Preview 04:05

Getting Started with MyGitRepo Preview 00:47

Setting up Branches Preview 02:50

Creating New Files Preview 04:12

Editing Existing Files Preview 03:28

Merging (Your First Merge Conflict) Preview 06:08

Adding a Tag Preview 00:53

Pushing Changes Preview 04:01

Pulling Changes Preview 05:22

Sourcetree - Challenge Preview 00:19

Installing KDiff3 Preview 01:59

Configuring KDiff3 Preview 03:42

Yet Another Merge Conflict Preview 04:15

Resolving the Merge Conflict Preview 03:49

Saving Backup Files Preview 01:45

Committing and Pushing Our Changes Preview 01:37

Closing Comments Preview 01:45

Advanced Git Tutorials Preview 00:06