Five High Salary Jobs for the English Majors

August 25, 2021 | Smith Adela | Online Courses

Five High Salary Jobs for the English Majors

There are numerous English Majors jobs you can pursue with an English Degree. Yes, finding employment as an English Major was a bit difficult in the past, but this new era brought tons of chances for people with an English Degree. 

But there is one thing you need to keep in mind. Improve your skill set while you are currently enrolled in an English Majors program. This will help you get the jobs more conveniently. And the best way to do that is through participating in debates, writing short stories for magazines, and reading.

Five High Salary Jobs for the English Majors

Most of us often think that the best and easiest way to earn is through a professional degree. But let me tell you a fact. With a degree like English, you can diversify your career in various distinctive dimensions. 

And in this article, we’ll thoroughly discuss the numerous English Majors’ job opportunities that you can pursue. Have a look.

Job Opportunities with an English Majors Degree:

Suppose you are confused about which career path to choose. Then this English Majors Job List is perfect for you. Read on to find out the unique options you have as an English graduate. 


Journalism has become widely popular ever since the trend of news channels and social media has increased. The good thing is that the job of a journalist is relatively easy. The primary duties include:

  • Researching the different topics.
  • Evaluating social issues.
  • Enquiring the eyewitnesses.
  • Writing your views on the research you’ve done.

After this, your task is to evaluate everything and pen this down in an article to present in front of the cameras. You can connect with a news channel, some online platform, or radio as well. As a journalist, your average salary is almost $35,400, which I think is enough as a beginner. 

Social Media Manager:

The trend of social media has increased over the past few years. Every individual, no matter what age, has a cellphone and social media accounts. Thus, if you have an English Degree, pursuing a career as a social media manager is perfect. 

All you need to do is engage with the followers on distinctive social media platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). Thus, your job will be to engage the audience through awesome content. Just make sure that you consistently upload the content and know your target audience to increase brand awareness. As a social media manager, you can easily make $45,000 per annum, depending on which brand or firm you’re associated with. 

Social Media Manager

Grant Writer:

Many individuals are often unaware of gaining funding; this is when a grant writer steps in. As a grant writer, your task will be to help the community groups to gain funding conveniently. Besides, you can earn pretty much (almost $43,000 every year) as a grant writer, which makes it one of the highest-paid English Majors’ jobs

 You can also gain government and private funding through eye-catching and convincing proposals. Moreover, you’ll also have to search for open grant opportunities to make this career path more accessible. 


With an average salary of $48,000, a paralegal’s job comes among the highest-paid English majors’ jobs. The primary duties of a paralegal are to help the attorneys plan the trials by assisting them in gathering relevant information and assisting them in research.

Besides, they also help manage the schedule, take detailed notes in depositions and create and send agreements on behalf of the attorneys. But, other than an English degree, you’ll also need a few certifications to work as a paralegal.

High School Teacher:

Teaching is one of the most productive and well-paying jobs if you have an English degree. The task of a high school teacher is to instruct the students on an array of subjects. You’ll have to deliver lectures, engage in classroom discussions, assign homework, monitor the classwork, and direct and review tasks.

As an English major, you can teach subjects like composition, literature, and grammar. But to become a high school teacher, make sure you’re licensed. The average salary of a high school teacher is approximately $48,500, which is why it comes among the highest paid jobs. 

High School Teacher


If you have pursued a majors’ degree in English, the job options discussed above are best for you. Besides these, there are several other jobs you can follow as well. Like working as a freelancer, office manager, technical writer, university lecturer, and much more.

To know more about your job options and career opportunities, stay tuned.