Udemy vs Coursera: which platform is best for learning tech skills

May 16, 2021 | Althea Kelsey | Free Courses

Udemy vs Coursera: which platform is best for learning tech skills

Technology is both the present and the future of the world. People in every corner of the world appreciate and welcome professional-level tech skills. It is like the gateway to success. Sadly, due to this ongoing pandemic, it is like the physical world has come to a halt. People have reverted to their homes. On the bright side, many people have a surplus of time to utilize it for something productive. People have joined online courses to learn new tech skills and to further polish their tech skills and abilities.

Udemy vs Coursera
Udemy vs Coursera

Choosing an online academy can be a bit of hard work. If you dig deep into it, you will find many platforms but there can only be one best in every aspect. 


Let me introduce you to Udemy, a huge platform providing 130,000 online video courses and the numbers keep on increasing. It has a wide range of tech courses ranging from web development courses, complete grasp of languages like python and JavaScript to courses for IT and software.



Now, Coursera is also a worldwide platform for online learning. It provides more than 1600 courses and video lectures. It is affiliated with many well-known universities. It has a different range of tech courses like digital marketing, graphic designing, web languages, and many more.


Udemy vs Coursera: which is better?

Udemy and Coursera are both excellent platforms for online learning. We have to look at every aspect to find our number one.

Course completion

The completion of Udemy courses depends on your availability. There are previously uploaded videos that you can watch whenever it suits you.

Coursera, on the other hand, has scheduled courses that vary for a few weeks, months and some can take years to complete.

Course pricing

Udemy is pricey. A single tech course on Udemy can cost you from $50 to $200. However, deals and discounts are available and they can be reduced to $13.

Coursera has both paid and unpaid courses. The paid Coursera courses are comparatively less expensive. If you cannot afford any of them, you can opt for free Coursera courses.


Udemy does not provide any certification whatsoever.

Coursera on the contrary will provide certificates once you complete the course. The certificates will be given by professionals and they might charge extra for it.


Udemy is not associated with any universities and companies.

Coursera is affiliated with more than 200 universities including Illinois, Duke, Imperial College London, Stanford, etc.

Course selection

One of the main differences between Udemy and Coursera is degree provision. Udemy sure has a vast range of tech courses, even more than Coursera but it cannot provide you with a degree level course.

Coursera provides an online degree for whatever tech program you choose. Moreover, you will be associated with the university which can further strengthen your resume.


The instructors at Udemy can be anyone. He/she only needs to be an expert in the required field.

However, Coursera only hires skilled and expert professionals. These are usually associated with reputable universities.


Udemy courses are uploaded in almost 48 languages to facilitate the students joining from all over the world.

Coursera courses are only available in 8 languages, this can be a bit problematic for some people who do not know any language besides their native.



After considering all the major aspects, there are both pros and cons to each of these platforms.

Udemy pros 

  • Udemy is better at time management, it depends on your availability.
  • Fast and effective learning
  • Courses are in 48 different languages

Udemy cons

  • Very expensive
  • No degree level course
  • No certification
  • Anyone can join and teach.

Coursera pros

  • Less expensive
  • Free courses
  • Certificates after completion
  • Earn a degree
  • Professional teachers
  • Benefit from top colleges from anywhere in the world

Coursera cons

  • Strict adherence to the schedule
  • Courses are in 8 languages only
  • Slow pace dependent on the institute

It sure looks like Coursera pros outweigh the Udemy pros. Coursera reviews are also slightly better than Udemy’s therefore, Coursera is definitely the one you should opt for. More than 22 million students are learning at Coursera and gaining skills in programming, web development, artificial intelligence, and more. You can be one of them as well.

Coursera Reviews
Coursera Reviews